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Key Waitlist Information:

How the waitlist works:

Bands on the waitlist are first classified into three groups. The first classification includes bands already renting rooms from Erebus Music. The second are those bands that have rented in the past, moved out on good terms and demonstrated professionalism while at the building. Finally the third group includes new bands that join the waitlist by submitting the form at

When a room becomes available, the first group of bands, those already practicing at the building, are given priority to that room. For example, a band in smaller rooms may take a bigger room because of a recent member addition. Or a band sharing a room may take an available private room.

If a band from the first group takes the open room and leaves another room open, or if no bands from the first group take the available room then the other two waitlist groups are consulted.

Now bands from the second group, those that practiced there previously and demonstrated professionalism will be given the next opportunity at the available room. If the room remains open after this then the third group of bands is given the opportunity to rent it.

Bands in the third group are added to the waitlist in the order that they made the waitlist request. The one band at the top of the list will be given first option at the room and will have a limited time to make that decision, typically 48 hours. If that band does not respond or decides not to take the room, then the next 5 bands are contacted. Again there is a limited time to respond. If there is again no response or none of the bands take the room then the rest of the waitlist is contacted.

If you're interested in being added to the waitlist but concerned about your chances of getting a room, don't fret. In many cases the waitlist becomes stagnant where bands break up or make other arrangements before a room opens and it'll be one of the most recent bands added to the waitlist that end up with the room.

General FAQ:

Where is the Erebus Music building located? For security reasons the building address is not advertised nor are tours given except in open room situations to eligible waitlist bands. Generally speaking though, the building is in Southwest Denver on Sheridan Blvd with easy access from Hampden Ave, 6th Ave and I-25. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to Capitol Hill from the Erebus Music building.

What kind of bands practice at the Erebus Music building? Generally the Erebus Music building is host to professional bands that take music seriously. There are always a variety of genres represented at the building. In the past this has included metal, goth, industrial, punk, rock, country, classic rock, pop, alternative, classical and more. Erebus Music does not discriminate against any musician based on musical preferences.

I'm on the waitlist, how long before I get a room? Rooms typically become available when a band breaks up, financial situations change, or for a variety of other reasons, none of which are predictable. Sometimes the building might not have an opening for 9 months. Sometimes there are several openings in the same month. Also, it's impossible to know what the other bands on the waitlist will do with an open room or how many are still actively seeking a room. To the point, there is no reasonable guess available, let alone an answer.

How many bands are on the waitlist? That varies greatly based on when the last available room was announced to the waitlist (and therefore a waitlist culling). It has ranged in the past from zero (meaning the open room has been posted online for any interested bands) to 42.

If I get an email of an open room, do I get it just by emailing back that I want it? No. Many times bands will express interest in a room and say they'll take it only to back out days later. Therefore the first band to put down a third of the deposit gets the room.

I didn't respond to an open room email within 48 hours but don't want to lose my spot! Have I been removed from the waitlist? If it's been a reasonable amount of time, like a week or two, just respond to the email you received and you will be added back to the waitlist in your original spot if you've been removed. If it's been six months for example, you will be added to the end of the waitlist.

Can I look at the room before I commit to taking it? Of course. When an email is sent to the waitlist bands information will be included regarding how to arrange for a private tour of the building.

What are the prices? Room prices are based on square footage and there are a variety of room sizes, ranging in price from $150/month (suitable for an individual musician up to a 3 piece band, depending on amount of equipment) to $400/month (large enough for two full bands with full pro gear). Average room price is $300/month.

Can I pay rent or the deposit with a credit card? Cash and checks are preferred, but credit cards are accepted through Paypal although the Paypal fee (currently 2.9% + $0.35 per transaction) will be added to the total. When rooms become available and the email goes out to the entire waitlist, a link for Paypal will be provided as an option to pay the 1/3rd of the deposit required to secure the room.

Are there any limitations to when/how much I can practice or load in/out equipment? No. There is 24/7/365 access to the rooms for practicing or loading in or out. Each band is provide a unique set of keys that will allow them into the building and their own room

Can we leave our equipment in the room? Yes. The room is yours as long as you're paying the rent and Erebus Music has gone to great lengths to keep your gear secure.

Is our equipment covered by Erebus Music's insurance? No, it is each bands responsibility to insure their own equipment. Although Erebus Music makes every effort to protect the band's equipment from theft, fire, flood etc. and stands behind these security and property protection measures, it would be impracticable and unimaginably expensive to insure all the bands' equipment. In many cases homeowners or renters insurance will cover personal property even when that equipment is not in the home, but again, it is each band's responsibility to investigate this and insure their own equipment.

Can I live in the practice space? Absolutely not! The building is for professional bands and musicians and rooms may only be used for practicing, gear storage, and certain band-specific business needs. Any other uses must be pre-approved so as to not violate zoning and fire code laws, and living out of the room certainly violates those laws. For example, it would be ok to have a street team gathering to stuff promo packages, but screening t-shirts would not be allowed due to building code and zoning issues.

Is drinking or smoking allowed in the building? Drinking and smoking are only allowed within the band rooms and only as long as those drinking or smoking are of legal age. Current cigarette laws do not appear to affect this although this policy could change in accordance with future legislation.

Do I have to sign a lease for specific number of months? Bands do not have to sign a lease as all rooms are rented month to month for maximum flexibility. A new band will be required to sign a contract before moving in that describes the relationship and responsibilities of both the band and Erebus Music.

Is there a deposit? A deposit equal to one month's rent is required, although bands are allowed to pay the deposit over the course of 90 days from move in to minimize a potential financial hardship. Deposits are returned within 30 days of a band's move out.

Do you allow sharing of rooms? There is no issue with sharing a room with a band you're friends with, although room responsibility will not be separated between the two bands. That means that if your friends move in and are responsible for half the rent but don't come up with their share, you would have to cover the full rent as partial rent payment will not be accepted. Also, Erebus Music will not take part in conflict resolution.

Are there any rooms available by the hour? Currently no rooms are available on an hourly basis, although it is a topic that may be revisited in the future.

The place I use to practice got closed by the fire department, could that happen at the Erebus Music building? No. Erebus Music has gone to great lengths and a great deal of expense while working along with the Denver building department, fire department and zoning to ensure all life safety and building code issues have been addressed at the Erebus Music building. Rest assured Erebus Music is a legitimate business with a long history of involvement in the Denver music scene and will continue to be for many years to come.

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